New advanced system for the lamination of lingerie

We have developed a system for the lamination of lingerie, offering numerous advantages over conventional technologies.

Fusetex, together with a major coating and laminating machinery supplier, have developed a system for the lamination of lingerie, specifically bras, offering numerous advantages over conventional technologies such as PUR and paste dot.

These advantages include:

  • Wash Fast results for the lifetime of the garment
  • A cross-linked chemical bond that will not breakdown with re-heating or washing
  • During high temperature moulding the bond strength is enhanced
  • Breathability and comfort
  • No additional curing time required before the moulding process
  • Eliminates the problem of yellowing of adhesives during and after processing
  • Ability to stop mid-flow without problems, reducing wastage
  • No special storage conditions for adhesives and has no shelf life problems
  • Helps eliminate rejects which have a high added value cost

This process is suitable for both continuous reel to reel or cut panel production making it extremely flexible and thus providing very controlled production; this gives the ability to stop "mid-flow" without problems, reducing wastage.


Our team have over 50 years experience of the technology associated with fusible interlinings and coated/laminated substrates. Many of the innovations still in use today can be traced back to our developments.
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Personnel within this company have been involved with the development of powders in textile bonding since the inception of such technology.
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