Curabond powder adhesives for apparel & Non Iron Shirts

Curabond powders were specifically developed for this application and were used in the Marks and Spencer range.

For many years, hot melt adhesive powders have utilised thermoplastic polymers. By definition, they can be reheated and bonded many times over. In certain applications, it is a disadvantage to have an adhesive system which can be re-melted when subjected to heat after initial bonding.

In the production of shirts utilising the non-iron post cure process, it is essential that the adhesive does not become detached when the shirt is placed in the curing oven. Curabond powders were specifically developed for this application and were used extensively in the Marks and Spencer range of non-iron shirts having passed their stringent testing criteria.

One of the biggest problems with conventional shirts is "bubbling" (delamination) of particularly the collars after washing and ironing. This is mainly due to the re-melting of the adhesive powder (mainly HDPE) causing in some instances significant returns by the customer. Shirts produced using the Curabond range of powders do not suffer from iron damage and in fact the greater the frequency of ironing, the higher the levels of adhesion and temperature resistance. One of the main problems arises from the consumer ironing at too high a temperature but again Curabond powder adhesive is specially formulated to overcome this and in fact improve the bond under these circumstances.

It has long been the panacea of the apparel industry to have a truly "abusable fusible" and with the advent of Curabond, this has finally been realised.

Apart from non-iron shirts and conventional Top Fuse, our product finds use in workwear applications where conventional thermoplastics will not withstand industrial laundering.

It has also been established that using Curabond powder adhesives, good adhesion can be achieved to difficult substrates such as those that have been coated with water repellents (silicone/fluorine based), as well as polyester filament fabrics.

Curabond is the adhesive of choice for fixing interlinings or laminating multiple fabric layers where there will be a high temperature laundering or even autoclaving requirement for the finished garment, gown or drape, making this range of adhesives an interesting proposition in the fabrication of products for the healthcare market.


Our team have over 50 years experience of the technology associated with fusible interlinings and coated/laminated substrates. Many of the innovations still in use today can be traced back to our developments.
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Personnel within this company have been involved with the development of powders in textile bonding since the inception of such technology.
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