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Attended by 200 delegates, the International Conference on Automotive Technology proved a great success bringing together delegates from many countries and all areas of the composites sector. With the emphasis on reducing production times in the automotive sector for the production of composite parts, many novel ideas were put forward by various speakers as to how it may be possible to achieve this.

Whilst composites, especially carbon fibre, have been adopted by the luxury sector of the automotive market, scaling up production for the mainstream market with the costs associated with composites is something very much at the forefront of this sector. Processing times need to be reduced considerably and new materials and processing methods need to be considered.

Recent News & Announcements

Curabond finds extensive use in automotive heat shields

Curabond is being extensively used for the production of exhaust (and other) heat shields in the automotive sector. Offering both excellent adhesion to glass fibre and aluminium and the elevated heat resistance that is required for this temperature critical application, the Curabond range is the ideal choice for this and other automotive applications. With the […]

Fusetex appointed as UK agent for Fixatti

With the merger of two competitive market leaders, Schaetti and Dakota, as the existing agent for Dakota, we are now also able to offer the Schaetti range of products under one umbrella. The products of Fixatti, being complimentary to our own range, are used in a wide range of industry sectors from transfer printing to […]

Curabond now available in film form

Fusetex are now able to offer a film for lamination based upon the unique Curabond polymer system. For applications where film is the preferred choice over powder or where a customer does not have the necessary equipment to apply powder, Thermal TXL film is available in a range of thicknesses and widths to meet most […]


Our team have over 50 years experience of the technology associated with fusible interlinings and coated/laminated substrates. Many of the innovations still in use today can be traced back to our developments.
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Personnel within this company have been involved with the development of powders in textile bonding since the inception of such technology.
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