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October 31, 2013
Our recent participation in Techtextil India resulted in a lot of interest being shown in Fusetex products particularly from the international glass fibre and composites sector.

Techtextil India 2013 trade fair
Techtextil India Trade fair 3. - 5. October 2013.

Being based on the Amba Projex stand gave Fusetex the opportunity to engage with participants from a broad spectrum of industries and the growing use of hot melt powders in the composites sector became ever more apparent.

Fusetex and Amba Projex, Mr David Miles
Mr David Miles with partners from Amba Projex.

Mr Terry Lomax gave a presentation on our range of cross-linkable hot melt powders, with attending delegates showing a lot of interest in this unique technology.

Presentation on cross-linkable hot melt powders, Mr Terry Lomax
Mr Terry Lomax giving a presentation on Fusetex cross linkable hot melt powders.

Thank you for visiting us at Techtextil India!