Dry powdered adhesives for automotive industry

With the constant demand to lower costs and environmental pressures to lower emissions, dry powdered adhesives are the best economical answer.

Being dry, there are no solvents to recover or water to dry off, hence lower production costs. 

There are a wide variety of hot melt powders used in the automotive industry. Such hot melt adhesives must all have good heat resistance as there is a normal heat resistance test of at least 80°C. Our Curabond range of powders offer excellent heat resistance due to their ability to cross-link (cure) and are particularly suited to deep draw moulding for door panels, parcel shelves (trays) and headliners whereby conventional thermoplastic adhesives display a tendency to delaminate when the mould is released due to the adhesive still being molten.

Curabond adhesives also exhibit excellent bonding properties to a wide variety of substrates including fibreglass.

News Updated 09.22.2014

Fusetex have expanded their range and can now offer polyester (PES), polyamide (PA) and polyurethane TPU) hot melt adhesive powders.